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Olga Kecks

Name: Olga Kecks
Birthdate: 17th. January. 1989 (Capricorn)
Birthplace: Omsk, Russia
Current Place: Bremen, Germany
Relationship Status: Single Mother
Height: 1,67m
Natural Hair Color: Bruinette
Eye Color: Blue (-green)
Piercings: 5 (Ears; used to have a nosering before - not anymore)
Tattoos: None (Name of her daughter and also a Butterfly on left wrist is planned/wanted)
Job/Education: Social Care Assistant for Handicapped
Hobbys: Photography, Poetry (Writing), Painting/Drawing, Reading, Sleeping
Facebook: Officially Facebook Account:
(Has a private Facebook Account only for Friends, Co.Workers and Family too)

Color: Green
Food: Fries
Drinks: Coke Light, Guinness
Candy: Sour Candy
Music Genre: Rock, Alternative, Acoustic
Bands: Coldplay, Linkin' Park, Reamonn/Rea Garvey, Nirvana, Michael Schulte, Max Giesinger, Snow Patrol, Staind, Three Days Grace, ect.
Movies: Lie with me, Love Happens, Lord of the Rings, Going the Distance, I can't think straight, ect.
TV-Shows: Supernatural, Scrubs, Family Guy, South Park, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon (The OLD one!), The L Word, How I Met Your Mother
Books: -> Books from Oliver Sacks, Sag mir wer ich bin (Tell me who I am) by Marlene John, Harry Potter, Ich hasse dich - Verlass' mich nicht ( I hate you - don't leave me / The Black-White-World of Borderline Disabled), Oscar et la dame rose  by Erick-Emmanuel Schmitt
Pets: Cats, Bunnys
Games: Pokemon (N'64), Zelda - ocarina of time (N'64), Mario Kart (N'64), Bouncing Balls (Facebook)

Fav's on the opposite sex
Hair: Don't really care as long as it looks naturally (not too short - loves messy hair/curls)
Eyes: Green <3
Height: Taller than me
Older or younger: Not too old! - Not too young! :-P
Likes: Naturally, sweet, funny guys with a big heart, no drama queens, should love kids (and cats!)
Hates: Liars, Drama, Wanna-Be Gangstas', Jealousy
How would your perfect Date be like? - Popcorn, nice movie - > Sofa =)

More Facts
- Loves Winter (Snow)
- Dislikes Fake Tan
- Doesn't like Make-Up (only make ups' her eyes; sometimes lips)
- Writes Poetry since she was 12
- Moved to Germany in Age of 2
- Favourite Lesson at school was English, German, History (At Education School for Social Care Work) Psychology, Neurology
- Used to live Vegan for 2 Years, started eating (almost) all kind of food after Sickness
- Became a mother in age of 19; is single mother since she was 21
- Left Parents Home when she was 18, moved to a different City to do an education for  'Care Assistant for Handicapped'
- Has an older Brother (born '84)
- Listens to Coldplays "Yellow" when she can't fall asleep
- Needs Glasses (Myopic)
- Loves really long showers

What Christina Greenville thinks about Olga Kecks:

"When we first talked, I didn't develop a complete opinion about her so I didn't realize  what an amazing and beautiful person she is. I couldn't also realize that she was soon going to turn into one of the most important people in my life. I could talk about her all day long and never get bored. She's my angel, she always supports me, gives me decisions and cheers me up whenever I'm sad. She totally knows how to make someone happy. She knows everything about me & I know everything about her. We share everything. She says she's not a good rolemodel, but what I'm sure about with, that I look up to her and wanna turn into such a beautiful, caring & loving woman too, one day. Words are not enough for me when it comes to her. She has helped me so much and I'm more than grateful and lucky to have her. Whoever doesn't appreciate her is blind. I love her with the whole word-meaning and she's my bestest friend in the whole wide entire world. Harry is lucky. End off." (Olga finds One Direction Singer Harry Styles very attractive, even if she isn't a One Direction-Fan)

...."And i wanna dedicated this phrase to her: >>For the world, you may be a person. But for me, you are the world<<"

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