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Christina Greenville


Name: Christina Greenville
Birthdate: 16 of March 1997 (Pisces)
Birthplace: Crete, Greece
Current Place: Giannitsa, Greece
Relationship Status: Mentally Dating Zayn Malik
Height: 1,48m
Natural Hair Color: Bruinette
Eye Color: Light Brown
Piercings: One on each ear
Tattoos: None
Job/Education: Student
Hobbys: Listening to music, Stalking 1D & Selena Gomez
Facebook: Http://



Color: Purple
Food: Junk Food
Drinks: Chocolate milk
Candy: All kind of candies
Music Genre: Pop, Acoustic
Bands: 1D
Movies: Titanic,
TV-Shows: Friends, Two and a Halp Men, The Big Bang Theory, Wizards of Waverly Place
Books: I hate reading
Pets: Cats, Fish
Games: Mario Kart

Fav's on the opposite sex
Hair: Don't care as long as they are not too long and colored in weird colors
Eyes: Light Brown or green
Older or younger: Older but not too old
Likes: Not vain (not too vain actually), cute, funny, maybe famous and rich, attractive
Hates: Having characters you can't trust, liars, womanizers
How would your perfect date be like? - On an amusement park

More Facts
- Loves ice cream, nutella, sparkles
- Dislikes girls who think that they are queens just because they have a few jerks
hitting on them
- Wanted to go to X-Factor but soon enough realised that her voice sucks
- Would like to wear myopic glasses
- Hates huge dogs
- Got attacked by a dog
- Loves learning about strange and mysterious stuff like aliens, illuminati and bla bla


What Olga Kecks thinks about Christina Greenville:
" I never ever thought that I would become so close to her. When I look back in time, two years ago I didn't even knew what/why I should talk to her. Now I can't imagine a day without her and if we can't talk at least once a day, I finally miss her. She is my best friend and also like my little sister. I need to take care of her. I care for her alot and she is the only person who knows so much about me and my true feelings; who I really am inside. She is the only one I really trust from all my heart and I hope she knows, how much I love her. Christina has a beautiful soul and whoever gets the chance to get to know her, become friends with her, is a very very happy person! I know she deserves better than she gets. She may be young but in her mind she is really grown up. Always there for fun times  but if you need to talk to someone about serious problems and feelings, she knows how to  treat you well, to make you feel better. I never want to miss her in my life anymore. I know she is goin through a difficult time at the moment and all I can do is to be there for her, I really hope that this is enough.. Her future husband will be a very happy man, to have such a beautiful girl (With future husband I mean Zayn Malik from One Direction of course, haha!)

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